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4/21 A Shift, And Everything Stayed The Same

There are
anti-fascist groups in America
beating up perceived racists,
laughing at the death of a game hunter
in the jaws of crocodiles,
atheists preaching to the religious, that
the right thing to believe in is nothing,

There has been a shift in mentality,
but not for the better.
We moved away from racism, into classism
From Nazis killing Jews, to violent anti-fascism.
We have no sense of empathy,
only our perception of what we think is right,
and our knowledge that everyone else
is wrong.


4/18 Robertson

Take me out of the drone,
and back to the country,
to where my grandparents lie.
To the streets lined with Jaqarandas,
where flies burn to death on the verandas,
and irrigation channels carry ships
of dried leaves and folded paper
filled with children’s dreams.

I still remember, the smell of the houses,
the furniture, greatly outdated,
the baked goods, and rules we skated,
when we were kids in the country.